Magnusson Denmark and Co-head of Corporate M&A, Partner Sam Jalaei, close another cross-border M&A deal in less than a month

Co-head of Corporate M&A and Head of Capital Markets, Partner Sam Jalaei from Magnusson Denmark, advised – in a cross-border M&A deal – Mansvell Enterprises Ltd. in their sale of 100% shares in the Danish company, Skyways Technics A/S, with presence in USA, Malaysia and Dubai, to the company’s management in a management buy-out along with the rest of the Magnusson CPH M&A team consisting of, Søren Theilgaard, Tom Froberg and Casper Simonsen. Skyways Technics are aircraft operators providing maintenance and repairment services and spare parts support to ATR and CRJ aircrafts.

The transaction was very intensive (less than 1 month from start to finish) and rather complex, involving distribution of dividends in-kind and floating charge of assets.

The investment consultant advisors of the client, Andriy Masko from Aksio Partners, states: “Sam and his team from Magnusson did a great job to get the deal done under high time pressure, working hard 24/7, including nights and weekends. Sam delivered not only high level legal advice, which you may expect from top-tier law firm, but also supported us in intense negotiations on the structure of the deal and crucial terms of the transaction, strictly defending the interests of the client. Sam acts very pro-actively, a rare but very important characteristic of M&A legal advisors, and he dives emotionally deep into the project from the very beginning till the closing.”