Anti-corruption and internal investigations

Magnusson has unique experience of national and international investigations, due diligence and litigation in the field of anti-corruption and offers advice, in all industries and sectors, to counter corruption in companies, organizations and the public sector. Our lawyers and associates work fully integrated across office and business boundaries, and we can quickly customize a team to suit each individual client and matter.

Our anti-corruption and internal investigations services include advice on, inter alia, the following:

  • Compliance programme design and implementation: we help you to design, implement and evaluate anti-corruption and other compliance programmes.
  • Preventative measures and whistleblowing systems: we offer advice and support to establish effective preventative measures and whistleblowing
  • Education: we organize training to ensure that your staff are aware of and comply with anti-corruption policies.
  • Due diligence on M&A: we carry out due diligence to ensure that all M&A deals are free of corruption risks.
  • Investigation and management of incidents and suspected misconduct.
  • Crisis management: labour law and strategic advice to management and board.
  • Representation in corporate fine cases.

Magnusson cooperates with specialised criminal lawyers representing individuals and lawyers in other countries, security consultants, forensic experts and PR consultants to provide the most comprehensive and seamless service possible.

WE OFFER anti-corruption and internal investigation SERVICES IN THESE COUNTRIES