China Group

Our China Group team has almost two decades of experience advising Chinese companies who conduct business in the Baltic Sea Region and local clients who conduct business in China.

Magnusson’s China Group provides expert legal services to the entire Magnusson network. Our lawyers are able to offer a comprehensive range of services in Mandarin and the local languages and have considerable experience of helping Chinese Businesses who are looking to set up operations in the Baltic Sea Region. Moreover, we are also there to support and advise local businesses looking to take advantage of the many opportunities that China offers.

This service includes

  • M&A transaction advice
  • Establishment and Operation of Joint Ventures
  • Dispute and Resolution services
  • Regulatory advice
  • Employment and Commercial Contract advice
  • E-trading advice
  • General Commercial advice
  • 并购交易服务
  • 合资企业的设立和运营服务
  • 争议和解决服务
  • 监管服务
  • 劳动和商业合同服务
  • 电子交易服务
  • 一般法律服务

Our team for China Group