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With offices around the Nordic-Baltic Region and business desks focusing on outbound services globally, Magnusson provides one-stop-shop integrated legal services.

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Anu Johansson
Mirjam Võsu
Ann-Marie Weckström
Kaidar Sultson
Evaldas Rapolas
Uwe Rasmussen
Anne Sillasen
Priit Pahapill
Caroline Landerfors
Katerina Madzarova
Jaanus Mägi
Mikko Mäkinen
Marek Keiman
Sam Jalaei
Ole Erlich-Eriksen
Tom Froberg
Anders Bäckman
Kęstutis Baranauskas

Kate Tiltiņa

Junior Associate,

Elizabeth Lepasalu

Associate Trainee ,

Jemina Timonen

Attorney-at-law / Senior Associate,

Sara Mäkinen


Ebuwa Osayi Edwins

Associate Trainee,

Maria Krjutškova

Associate Trainee,

Iida Vuori


Julia Lundberg

LL.M / Associate,

Emmiina Kitinoja

Associate Trainee,

Linn Ekman

Associate Trainee,

Hugo Stålbröst

Advokat / Senior Associate,

Elīna Rišmite

Junior Associate,

Ville Viikki

Associate Trainee,

Lars Törner Larsson

Advokat / Partner,

Hanna Elmstedt

LL.M / Associate,

Andris Zemītis

Senior Associate,

Emma Schou Nielsen

Junior Associate,

Martin Schmidt-Larsen

Partner / Advokat, Head of Real Estate and Construction Law,

Triin Eliis Toomiste

Junior Associate,

Ida Zackariasson

LL.M. / Associate,

Dan Stampe-Terkildsen

Advokat / Partner, Head of Litigation and Arbitration,

Litigation and Arbitration hereunder international cases conducted in English. Dan is in addition to his work as counsel frequently acting as arbitrator in domestic and international arbitrations. Furthermore, he has been an expert witness on the subject of Danish Law in foreign proceedings especially in the US.

More about Dan Stampe-Terkildsen

Renāte Akurātere


Josefine Eklund

LL.M. / Associate,

Henni Untamo

Associate / Licensed Legal Counsel,

Paulina Satkūnė

Office Administrator,

Aušra Ghaovi

Senior Associate,

Caspar Rose

Advokat / Partner, Head of Banking and Finance,

Stig Hendrikson

Senior Associate,

Kelly-Carola Kipp

Marketing Specialist ,

Ligita Kuliešaitė


Neringa Ylienė


Aurimas Černiauskas

Senior Associate,

Aurimas Černiauskas is an expert in the fields of labor, energy, finance, public procurement, contracts and dispute resolution

More about Aurimas Černiauskas

Klen Teder

Of Counsel ,

Marcus Wallin

LL.M. / Associate,

Yaroslava Sushinets


Tina Ravn

Advokat / Partner,

Aija Vaivode


Alexandra Währn

Finance Specialist,

Erika Pinaitytė


Ingely Piho

Junior Associate,

Nicola Fall

Marketing Coordinator,

Elias Peltonen


Ella Kairtamo


Vilma Slättegård

LL.M. / Associate,

Matthew C Thorn

Junior Associate,

Simon Henriksson

LL.M. / Associate ,

Sharmila Khadka


Evija Urtane

Senior Associate ,

Anna Karlsson

LL.M. / Associate,

Gustas Armalis


Asser Rung-Hansen

Advokat / Senior Associate,

Tīna Kivliņa

Junior Associate,

Camilla Andström

Associate / Licensed Legal Counsel,

Praveena Joshi


Nichlas Madsen

IT Administrator,

Nichlas is IT administrator in Denmark and also support the other offices in Magnusson International.

More about Nichlas Madsen

Simon Fraenkel

Junior Associate,

Oskar Törngren

Advokat / Senior Associate ,

Sander Peterson

Junior Associate ,

Tina Kamal

LL.M. / Associate,

Bjarne Andreassen


Helena Karlsson


Olli Järvelä

Finance Specialist,

Susanna Taivainen

Associate / Licensed Legal Counsel,

Tommi Moilanen

Associate / Licensed Legal Counsel,

Joeli Niva


Ebba Hedin

[ LL.M / Associate ] Leave of absence until march 2025 ,

Leave of absence until march 2025

More about Ebba Hedin

Yeshi Tikkanen

HR Director,

Erik Fröström

LL.M. / Associate,

Ulf Djurberg

Advokat / Head of Compliance and Competition Law,

Antti Muranen


Ēriks Spurelis

Partner / Attorney at Law,

Ernests Valainis

Associate ,

Daniella Klapare

Associate ,

Elisa Myllylä


Austėja Leliūnaitė

Junior Associate,

Ieva Šemberienė

Head of Business Development,

Päivi Heinonen

Attorney-at-law / Senior Associate,

Tobias Edenman

Advokat / Partner,

Nika Omberg

Executive Assistant to Magnusson International Committee  based in Riga ,

Jorunn Sjölund Jurado

LL.M. / Associate,

Liisa Immonen

Associate / Licensed Legal Counsel,

Carolina Jonsson

Marketing Manager,

Ella Keränen

Associate / Licensed Legal Counsel,

Johan Sparrman

LL.M. / Associate,

Ebba Svalling

LL.M. / Associate,

Carl Insulander

LL.M. / Associate,

Jenni Ylönen

Attorney-at-law / Senior Associate,

Nele Laas

Managing Associate / Head of Employment ,

Malin Österlund

Financial Assistant ,

Sascha Andersson

LL.M. / Associate,

Johanna Hirn

Head of HR,

Oona Laakkonen

Attorney-at-law / Senior Associate,

Lauri Paulus

Attorney-at-law / Of Counsel,

Lina Eleonora Zbarauskienė

Office Administrator,

Marianne Pitkänen

Associate / Licensed Legal Counsel,

Riikka Heikkilä

Associate / Licensed Legal Counsel,

Gabriella Antebi

HR / Business Support Manager,

Paula Gavelytė


Emilia Alakurtti

Specialist Associate,

Rickard Lindow

LL.M. / Associate,

Artūrs Ševčuks

Partner / Attorney at law,

Jake Lowther

LL.M / Associate ,

Madeleine Engzell

Advokat / Specialist Counsel,

Lisa Düppe

LL.M. / Senior Associate,

Christina Säll

LL.M. / Associate,

Vilius Karolis

Senior Associate,

Irma Daukšaitė-Gavelienė

Associate ,

Irma has expertise across a range of legal issues, and has assisted clients on a number of complex legal issues

More about Irma Daukšaitė-Gavelienė

Anu Vuori

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Co-Head of Tampere / Head of Employment,

Anu specializes in employment law, contracts, corporate and M&A, and litigation

More about Anu Vuori

Anu Viheriälä

Finance Specialist,

Lauri Toivio

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Head of Real Estate and Construction,

Lauri advises clients on the energy business, construction, real estate and employment law, as well as commercial agreements and retail ecosystems

More about Lauri Toivio

Anne-Marie Vennklev

Billing Coordinator,

Anne-Marie Vennklev has been working as an assistant in the Gothenburg office since December 2010. She now works with the Property/Environment team.

More about Anne-Marie Vennklev

Mirjam Trisberg

Senior Associate / Head of Intellectual Property (on parental leave),

Dr iur Andres Vutt

Of counsel,

Ann-Marie Weckström


Heikki Wide

Attorney-at-law / Partner,

Heikki has extensive experience in international trade, the oil business, industry and financing

More about Heikki Wide

Skirmantė Gruzdytė


Māris Smilga

Senior Associate,

Dalia Stakvilevičiūtė

Partner ,

With more than 10 years’ experience in Magnusson covering a range of Real Estate issues, Dalia leads the Real Estate Practice Group

More about Dalia Stakvilevičiūtė

Wille Steinert

Advokat / Senior Associate,

Wille is an associate in the Commercial & Regulatory group and advises on the full range of public procurement and related commercial issues.

More about Wille Steinert

Kaidar Sultson

Attorney-at-law / Partner,

Kaidar is experienced in working with industry-leading companies across a range of sectors. He specializes in civil proceedings and corporate restructuring.

More about Kaidar Sultson

Eduard Suurküla

Advokat / Head of Research and Development Sweden,

Eduard mainly provides advise within the areas of Real Estate, Construction and Environmental. His experience also include real estate transactions, and a wide variety of other commercial and regulatory compliance matters.

More about Eduard Suurküla

Mårten Tagaeus

Advokat / Partner,

Mårten Tagaeus is a renowned specialist in environmental law, construction law and property law. He is ranked a leading individual of environmental law in Sweden by the Legal 500.

More about Mårten Tagaeus

Taina Tervonen

Business Development / ESG & Sustainability Specialist,

Taina is part of the Magnusson International Marketing Team

More about Taina Tervonen

Ligita Ramanauskaitė

Managing Partner ,

Ligita is the Managing partner at Magnusson Lithuania. She leads the Corporate Practice Group, and has extensive experience of working with large scale and high profile domestic and foreign clients.

More about Ligita Ramanauskaitė

Evaldas Rapolas

Partner ,

Evaldas is one of the founding partners of Magnusson in Lithuania, and as an expert in Dispute Resolution he has steered a number of large profile cases to a successful conclusion

More about Evaldas Rapolas

Uwe Rasmussen

Avocat à la cour (France), Partner / Head of IP and GDPR,

Uwe is a Danish trained legal professional and a France attorney (Avocat à la cour) with Magnusson. He has practiced for almost 20 years, the last 15 years he worked closely with a major global IT company as specialist counsel.

More about Uwe Rasmussen

Helena Rönqvist

Advokat / Partner,

Head of the Intellectual Property and Marketing law practice at Magnusson and she has several years’ experience as a Swedish lawyer both from private practice and as legal counsel within the IT/tech industry.

More about Helena Rönqvist

Matīss Rostoks

Managing Partner / Attorney at law,

With more than 10 years of experience Matīss is driven by the passion of what he does

More about Matīss Rostoks

Ville Salonen

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Head of ESG & Sustainability,

Ville has broad experience as legal counsel to international corporate clients on matters of contract law, Corporate and M&A, employment issues, real estate and ESG & Sustainability.

More about Ville Salonen

Marcus Seger

Advokat / Senior Associate ,

Anne Sillasen


Anne is legal secretary and supports our legal team and management team.

More about Anne Sillasen

Johan Molin

Advokat / Partner / Co-Head of Dispute Resolution,

Johan is counsel and adviser in international arbitration, litigation and mediation and he also serves as arbitrator. He has experience of dispute resolution since 2001.

More about Johan Molin

Priit Pahapill

Attorney-at-law / Of Counsel,

Lilli Parbo

Attorney-at-law / Partner,

Lilli specializes in assignments concerning mainly contract law and M&A

More about Lilli Parbo

Elina Kuuluvainen


Elina specializes in assignments concerning real estate, contract law and M&A

More about Elina Kuuluvainen

Mika Laapotti

Attorney-at-law / Senior Counsel,

Mika has broad experience of insurance law and the insurance business in general

More about Mika Laapotti

Caroline Landerfors

Advokat / Partner / Head of Insurance,

Caroline is Head of Magnusson's Insurance practice group and advises on a wide range of issues related to insurance and financial markets, serving insurance companies, insurance brokers, financial institutions and other stakeholders.

More about Caroline Landerfors

Marju Liiv

Office Manager,

Žaneta Liutkienė

Finance Manager ,

Žaneta has extensive experience of running the finances for the firm

More about Žaneta Liutkienė

Katerina Madzarova

LL.M. / Associate,

Jaanus Mägi

Attorney-at-law / Managing Partner ,

Jaanus has broad experience as legal counsel to international clients on matters of corporate law, M&A and issues associated with foreign trade and investments.

More about Jaanus Mägi

Mikko Mäkinen

Administrative Specialist,

Toomas Mälberg

Senior Counsel,

Toomas has 25 years of legal experience in different aspects of business law. He focuses on M&A, transfer operations, real estate and construction.

More about Toomas Mälberg

Elli Mattila

Attorney-at-law / Specialist Counsel,

Elli focuses on matters of dispute resolution

More about Elli Mattila

Tomi Merenheimo

Attorney-at-law / Managing Partner Finland ,

Tomi is experienced in leading transaction processes and integrating acquired businesses, gained from over 300 M&A cases

More about Tomi Merenheimo

Marek Keiman

Senior Associate ,

Maher Khadour

Specialist Counsel / Head of Middle East Desk,

Maher is one of the few experts fully qualified to work with clients operating in both the Middle East and Baltic Sea Region

More about Maher Khadour

Erika Hellquist


Erika Hellquist has worked as an assistant in the Gothenburg office since November 2010. She currently works with the Environment/Property team.

More about Erika Hellquist

Sam Jalaei

Managing Partner / Advokat, Head of Corporate & M&A, Head of Capital Markets and Head of Middle East Desk,

Sam speaks fluently Danish, Farsi, English and German. He is the managing partner of Magnusson Denmark and heads the Magnusson Copenhagen Middle East Desk. Sam is also member of the board of directors of Nordic-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Danish-American Business Forum. Sam has been recommended in both Legal 500 and Chambers and a co-author of legal articles.

More about Sam Jalaei

Robert Karlsson

Head of Banking & Finance Regulatory,

Robert is Head of Magnusson's Banking & Finance department and has almost 15 years of experience working with banking and finance and capital markets law. Robert has practiced in the private sector as well as the public sector. Prior to joining Magnusson, Robert served as deputy to the head of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's (SFSA) consumer protection operations.

More about Robert Karlsson

Morvarid Dorkhan Nilsson

Advokat / Partner / Head of Commercial & Regulatory,

Morvarid Dorkhan Nilsson is a renowned specialist in public procurement and government contracts. She is ranked a leading individual of public procurement in Sweden by the Legal 500. She is also featured in Who’s Who Legal as being among the world’s leading government contracts lawyers.

More about Morvarid Dorkhan Nilsson

Fredrik Ekfalk

Advokat / Senior Associate,

Based at Magnusson’s office in Stockholm, Fredrik focuses his practice on commercial litigation and arbitration, with particular experience from estate litigation and disputes relating to public procurement and public contracts.

More about Fredrik Ekfalk

Marius Endzinas

Partner ,

Marius is a partner at Magnusson Lithuania. He leads the Public Procurement Practice Group, and has extensive expertise of representing clients in a number of high value and high-profile court cases and arbitration hearings

More about Marius Endzinas

Ole Erlich-Eriksen

Advokat / Partner, Head of Restructuring and Insolvency,

Ole has for at more than 40 years provided advice on insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring. He is involved in all aspects within this field of expertise. Ole has for more than 25 been a member of Curator’s Association in the Maritime and Commercial Court where he was appointed trustee/liquidator and is a member of the panel of lawyers appointed by the Danish Debt Collection Agency

More about Ole Erlich-Eriksen

Tom Stener Froberg

Advokat / Partner, Head of Employment,

Tom joined Magnusson in 2018 after a 25-year career serving as the head of legal for blue chip international Danish companies such as Hempel and Sophus Berendsen, which has earned Tom very valuable insights into legal services delivery and legal advice products tailored to the needs of clients.

More about Tom Stener Froberg

Lina Guobienė


Lina is the in-house translator for Magnusson Lithuania. She has experience across a range of subjects including EU legislation.

More about Lina Guobienė

Anders Bäckman

Advokat / Partner / Head of Corporate and M&A,

Anders Bäckman impresses with his "availability and proactive approach. He has the ability to quickly grasp complex transactions and draft technically excellent agreements",according to recent Chambers report.

More about Anders Bäckman

Kęstutis Baranauskas

Senior Associate ,

Kestutis leads the Banking & Finance Practice Group. With a focus on corporate and commercial law, he has extensive experience of a number of legal matters and has advised clients from fields as diverse as fintech, IT, trade and pharmacy.

More about Kęstutis Baranauskas

Magdalena Berg

Advokat / Partner / Co-Head of Dispute Resolution,

Magdalena is an expert in dispute resolution and employment law and her experience covers representing international and local clients in a wide range of commercial litigation and arbitration proceedings.

More about Magdalena Berg

Jonas Bergquist

Advokat / Partner,

Aina Bitīte

Associate ,

Jukka Blomberg

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Chairman of the Board / Head of Dispute Resolution,

Jukka has over 20 years if´óf experience handling business-related disputes in public courts and in arbitration.

More about Jukka Blomberg

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Together with our global partners, we are perfectly placed to offer cross-border services that meet our clients’ needs. Our lawyers have experience with managing complex legal transactions in all regions of the world. We combine this extensive knowledge with our track record of building and operating cross-border teams in international projects to provide the best quality driven service for our clients.

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We offer a comprehensive range of cross-border legal services.

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