International Arbitration

Our International Arbitration group is highly experienced and well placed to act as counsel and advisor in all arbitration matters.

Our International Arbitration team has experience of ad hoc as well as institutional arbitration between parties from numerous different countries conducted at various seats of arbitration and under different procedural rules and applicable laws.

Our lawyers represent different languages, cultural backgrounds and legal systems, making our team well suited to handle matters involving parties and witnesses of different nationalities, as well as documents in different languages. Our lawyers also sit as arbitrators, adding an extra dimension to our services when it comes to acting as counsel and advisor in international arbitration.

Our international arbitration group acts in other types of alternative dispute resolution, such as in settlement negotiations and mediations of international disputes. We also act in enforcement proceedings before courts to enforce arbitral awards, and in challenge proceedings before courts to set aside or defend arbitral awards. Other examples of the services provided by Magnusson’s International Arbitration team relate to transactional work and the drafting of cross-border contracts. The team is able to assist in the negotiation and drafting of dispute resolution mechanisms, and to consider questions of investment protection under bilateral and other investments treaties when an investment is structured and negotiated.

This service includes

  • Legal advice leading up to and during arbitration
  • Mediation throughout the process of arbitration
  • Pursuit of enforcement and defense of arbitral awards
  • Contracts and other dispute resolution mechanism drafting