Construction and Infrastructure

With our deep understanding of the industry and knowledge of local markets, our construction and infrastructure team can offer its clients solutions that are tailored to give them a competitive edge.

With our deep knowledge and expertise of both the sector at large and local markets, we are able to provide clients with comprehensive advice and support designed to fit their needs.

The infrastructure industry encompasses a wide range of projects, such as planning and construction of ports, roads, bridges, tunnels and dredging of waterways. The projects often involve significant values ​​and span over several legal areas. Magnusson’s specialists have a long experience of assisting both private and public bodies in such projects.

We usually assist clients in all phases of a project and can provide all legal services that each phase requires. For example, we assist clients in procurement, draw up financing agreements and handle zoning plans in the initial phase of a project. Later on in the project, Magnusson often handles issues related to environmental permits, disputes and packages the results of the project into companies.

Our construction team can offer advice across a range of fields, including construction, engineering, and technical consulting. The scope of our services is reflected in our clients, who include developers, construction companies, engineers, architects and other construction related companies.

This service includes

  • Technical consulting
  • Engineering advice
  • Construction advice
  • Regulatory advice
  • Dispute resolution

Our team for Construction and Infrastructure