Magnusson is assisting CoinLoan creditors to recover their deposits

Magnusson is assisting a group of creditors of the Estonian crypto lending platform CoinLoan (declared bankrupt on 14th of June 2023) in bringing claims against the platform and representing the creditors interests in insolvency proceedings before the Estonian court and trustee.

This project is designed to represent your interests in insolvency proceedings before the Estonian court. Our legal representation will consist of aggregating the group of clients under a non-profit organisation to achieve stronger establishment in the bankruptcy proceedings, preparing, submitting and defending clients’ claims for their recognition and standing for the group’s interests in the bankruptcy committee by providing guidance and assistance and by monitoring the activities of the trustee to facilitate effective asset recovery.

Below are the necessary steps you need to take in order to join our group of clients:

1. Fill out the Client Onboarding Form 
2. Pay the Retainer Fee.
3. Receive and sign the client documentation.

After receiving your documentation, we will process your claim to represent you in bankruptcy proceedings.

Please be informed  that the deadlines for the submission of claims are rapidly approaching:

13th of July – Submitting preliminary claims for voting rights in the first general meeting of creditors;
14th of August – Submitting final claims for their recognition in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Bare in mind that for successful submission of claims within the deadlines it is crucial to provide all the necessary information and evidence regarding your claim with adequate time before the abovementioned deadlines.

For more information please get in touch with us via

We have considerable experience in matters related to insolvency, crypto assets, cross-border asset tracking and recovery and combating international investment fraud. Recent work of our dispute resolution & insolvency team includes legal representation of over 7000 local and international investors of various crowdfunding platforms, across fifteen jurisdictions, in large class action bankruptcy and criminal proceedings where damages amount to 35 million euros. 

Magnusson is part of the world’s leading asset recovery legal network ICC FraudNet, granting direct access to the best cross-border know-how in asset recovery. 

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