Three quick questions with Per Magnusson

Hello Per, are you ready for some questions?

What is your best memory of Magnusson?
When we received our first law firm award in 2011 and were named Law Firm of the Year, the Nordics, by British publication The Lawyer. We had succeeded in gaining international recognition for our vision.

What differentiates Magnusson from other law firms?
My ambition has been to create a company culture where all the people in the firm are equally important, with no distinction between lawyers and non-lawyers. In this way, we ensure a happy and motivated staff that looks after our clients in the best possible way. As Richard Branson said: “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.”

What is your advice to new and aspiring lawyers?
Be curious, have interests outside of the law and build up your general knowledge so that you are an interesting person to talk to on non-legal topics. This way you can create, develop and nurture relationships.

Thank you Per!