Time for a new generation

Magnusson announces that founder Per Magnusson is passing over to the next generation. After having started, managed and developed law firms for almost 30 years, Per together with his companions have decided on a changing of the guard. Commenting on the decision, Per said: “It has been an amazing journey. I am so proud of what we have achieved together. To be able to work with so many gifted, hard working and loyal colleagues has been a true privilege. In the end, our work comes down to three things: People, People and People. As enriching as this adventure has been, it is now time for a change. I have turned 60 and it is time for the next generation to take over.”

Ewa Ihrman, CEO of Magnusson Sweden said: “Magnusson is an outstanding company. We have a renewed drive to continue to develop our business and challenge the industry, while preserving the legacy that Per has created. We continue to be entrepreneurial and visionary and have the ability to take on the great and small challenges of the future with open minds. Although we would gladly have Per continue here with us for a while yet, we understand and respect his wish to move on and do something different in life.”