what makes us unique

  • vision

    Magnusson is a dynamic and modern international law firm that advises clients doing business in and across the Baltic Sea Region. Magnusson is committed to excellence, going that extra mile, being entrepreneurial and working as a team.

  • goals

    Magnusson shall be recognised as a top quality law firm within the Baltic Sea Region.
    Magnusson shall be among the top ten most profitable law firms.
    Magnusson shall offer an attractive, stimulating and challenging work environment, respecting and including every individual.

  • strategies

    Magnusson shall, through its offices and strategic co-operations, continue to develop its level of service, its geographical coverage within the Baltic Sea Region, and its general business law competence with a focus on specific industries.

    Magnusson shall actively market and promote the firm’s capabilities and potential.

    Magnusson shall act as one firm, applying common business standards with respect to management, decision-making and organisation.

    Magnusson shall be independent and principally rely on organic growth.

    Magnusson shall focus on profitability.

    Magnusson shall develop an organisation that is capable of constant business development to meet future demands. This requires developing and working with potential, current and former employees.

    Magnusson shall develop a leadership culture and management structure which promotes and develops the capabilities of teams and individual contributors..

  • initiatives we support

    Magnusson sponsors and represents Ski Team Sweden X-Country in a variety of legal issues. Our co-operation means that Magnusson is the exclusive provider of legal services for Ski Team Sweden X-Country as well as its individual athletes.

    Magnusson is the Main Partner of the Strategic Litigation Programme of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Poland. Within the framework of this initiative, the Foundation joins or initiates strategically important judicial and administrative proceedings. Magnusson also provided support to the Children’s Rights Programme of the Foundation.

    Magnusson provides legal support on a pro bono basis to TRACE, a non-profit membership association that pools resources in order to provide practical and cost-effective anti-bribery compliance solutions to multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries.

    Our definition of responsible business is strong commitment to creating and developing a great working environment, which supports personal development. This is a key element of our strategy.