Public Procurement

Our public procurement team provides full-service legal advice in public procurement and public sector matters to domestic and foreign companies, as well as public authorities/entities in all phases of the procurement process.

Our team is well acquainted with the administrative culture and standard procedures of local and central government authorities, county councils, municipalities and state-owned companies.

We have experience from a wide range of industry sectors (such as life sciences, energy, transportation and construction).

This service includes

  • Advice on choice of procurement procedure
  • Review and preparation of invitations to tender
  • Review and preparation of tenders
  • Assistance in strategic considerations in connection with negotiations
  • Assistance in evaluating tenders submitted to the contracting authority/entity
  • Analysis of and advice on whether public procurements have been conducted correctly
  • Assistance in challenging faulty public procurements
  • Assistance in damages claims
  • Advice on and assistance with the interpretation, application and/or modification of, or disputes concerning, public contracts
  • Advice on confidentiality and other administrative issues.

Our team for Public Procurement

Ville Salonen
Ville Salonen

Attorney-at-law / Partner, Co-Head Dispute Resolution


Commercial, Corporate and M&A, Data Protection, Dispute Resolution, Employment, Energy, Intellectual Property, International Arbitration, Life sciences, Media, Sports and Entertainment, Public procurement, Real estate, Technology

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