Magnusson Advised Clean Energy-Tech Company Aira in a Partnership with Ferroamp

Magnusson advised the clean energy-tech company Aira in the establishment of a partnership with the green-tech company Ferroamp to launch joint energy solutions for the European market. This partnership represents a significant advancement in the development of innovative energy solutions tailored for this market.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Aira is committed to becoming Europe’s leading consumer brand in the clean energy-tech sector. Founded in 2022 by Vargas, Aira’s mission is to accelerate the electrification of residential heating enabling the switch to heat pumps and other clean energy-tech solutions. Aira offers European consumers a comprehensive range of energy-saving solutions for their homes.

The Magnusson team consisted of Tobias Edenman, Melina Trydegård and Erik Fröström.