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Panu Ståhlberg
Attorney-at-law / Russian Desk

Service areas
Commercial, Corporate and M&A, Restructuring and Insolvency, Russia and C.I.S.

contact information
T: +358 207 419 500
M: +358 50 380 4710


Panu Ståhlberg is a Russian-speaking lawyer and part of Magnusson Finland Russian Desk in Helsinki. The desk is serving Finnish corporate clients in Russia and also Russian clients in Finland.
Panu studied Russian language and law in Moscow (MGU) and St. Petersburg (FINEK) in addition to his studies at Helsinki University. Besides Russian related assignments, he also specializes in business law, contract law, foundation law and dispute resolution in Finland.
From 2015 to 2017 Panu worked as a CEO of St. Petersburg foundation governing the House of Finland and Finnish Culture Institute at St. Petersburg. At this position he was responsible for: crises management and a successful mission to save the House of Finland and The Culture Institute which were on a brink of bankruptcy after economically failed renovation project of the House of Finland and other mismanaging by the former Board and CEO´s; negotiations with the Finnish and Russian governments, other state organs and the City of St. Petersburg on the purchase of The House of Finland from Russian Federation to the Republic of Finland and assisting in the process, and damage compensation claim (approximately 10 million euros) against the former management of the Foundation.
The House of Finland is a home for major Finnish companies, city representatives, universities and governmental institutions. The Institute rented the House from the City of St. Petersburg for 49 years in 2006 and The Foundation renovated the House economically unsuccessfully 2007-2010 with the loans guaranteed by the Finnish Government. The House was officially opened in October 2009 by Vladimir Putin and Matti Vanhanen.
As a result of the mission, the Finnish prime minister Juha Sipilä and the Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev agreed on 9th December 2016 in Oulu that Finland will By the House from Russian Federation after which the Finnish government maintains the House. The Foundation was filed bankrupt and the Finnish-Russian association will be appointed to govern the Institute.


Master of Laws (Helsinki University) - 2014


Finnish – native