Covid-19 Response Team

Let us express our support and sympathies to you and your families during this difficult time when a large part of the world is afflicted by the COVID-19 virus outbreak and governments are adopting severe measures with considerable healthcare, social, legal as well as economic impacts on the entire society.

Magnusson´s commitment to continued support – COVID-19

Magnusson remains fully operational and at your side assuring business continuity during this exceptional time. We are prepared and equipped to continue providing the high-quality legal services you expect from us. Our Cross-Border Response Team remain fully available via or via their usual contact details.

Magnusson´s Cross-Border Response Team

Denmark: Tom Froberg, Andreas Hammer, Sam Jalaei, Nikolaj Juhl Hansen.
Estonia: Jaanus Mägi, Ketlin Peterson, Hanna Esko
Finland: Maher Khadour, Tomi Merenheimo, Ville Salonen, Heikki Wide.
Lithuania: Edmundas Daunys, Ruta Didike, Ligita Ramanauskaite
Sweden: Magdalena Berg, Anders Bäckman, Morvarid Dorkhan Nilsson.
Russia: Igor Porokhin

We look forward to continuing working with you, stay safe!

Magnusson’s local experts have analysed what we consider to be the most useful and relevant measures for businesses currently being rolled out in the Nordics and the Baltics in response to Covid-19.

Read or download below:

Nordic Relief Packages

Baltic Relief Packages