Banking and finance

Magnusson offers comprehensive legal services to banks, fund managers, securities firms, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries and other financial institutions. Magnusson is a leading advisor to international and domestic financial institutions with respect to, among other things, establishing operations, authorizations with national financial supervisory authorities and other matters related to regulatory issues, capital structure or operational activities, especially in mutual fund and asset management services. We offer unique expertise when it comes to hedge funds.

Magnusson is in regular contact with national financial supervisory authorities and is often engaged to provide advice on matters related to regulations for financial institutions.

Our services include, among other things: regulatory compliance, financing, Internal audit, financial markets, and authorizations.

We also assist with legal advice in other areas, such as M&A, tax and dispute resolution, depending on the client's needs and business operations.


Our services include:


An application for authorization to conduct financial operations is often a costly and complicated process. It requires thorough preparation and analysis of the activities planned, as well as well-prepared application documents in order to ensure an efficient application process.

Magnusson regularly assists various types of financial companies, primarily fund management companies, securities firms, alternative investment fund managers, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries and banks with authorizations with national financial supervisory authorities. Work includes analysis of planned operations, drafting of documents and ongoing contact with national financial supervisory authorities. Furthermore, Magnusson assists in other permit-related issues after the operation has begun, such as permits in relation to ownership changes, extended licenses and approval of changes in the fund prospectus.

Financial markets

Magnusson's broad expertise in the financial market includes experience from financial supervisory authorities, the stock exchange, market surveillance activities and the production of prospectus in connection with securities being offered to the public or admitted to trading on the market.

Our team also has experience in the audit and investigation of various types of disciplinary cases by assignment of disciplinary committees.

Insider dealing and market abuse: Magnusson gives qualified counsel and advice on matters relating to, for example, insider trading, market abuse, drafting of prospectuses and other issues related to the stock market and securities law.

Insider position and logbook: Magnusson also assists listed companies with assistance and advice on issues related to insiders and obligations for certain holdings of financial instruments and the establishment of a log in cases of insider information.


We advise a range of companies on various forms of financing solutions.

Our services include among other things:
• structured finance;
• all forms of loan projects, including syndicated loans;
• financing of investments;
• asset finance;
• currency routines and rules;
• issuances of securities.

Internal audit

Magnusson's work is primarily in regulatory issues, but also the composition of the firm's employees, contributes to a good understanding of the overall internal control process in financial companies including the internal audit. We undertake the role as internal auditor in various types of financial institutions, which consists of controlling, evaluating and proposing measures to increase efficiency and ensure processes and functions of management.

Regulatory compliance

Magnusson has extensive experience working with regulatory issues regarding companies operating in the financial sector. Companies that are subject to supervision by financial supervisory authorities are subject to complex regulations which are in constant flux. It requires much time and effort to follow these regulations and at the same time be aware of upcoming changes. Lack of compliance can lead to loss of reputation or even sanctions by the financial supervisory authority and must therefore be a priority for company management.

Magnusson assists all types of financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, fund management companies, alternative investment fund managers and securities firms maintaining the independent compliance function, which is performed through an outsourcing agreement. The assignment includes tasks that the compliance function shall perform according to applicable regulations and standards, and is designed based on each company's operations and needs. The mandate includes, amongst others, controls of various kinds, monitoring of regulatory changes, education for both employees and management, advice, ongoing meetings with representatives of the company and reporting to the CEO and board of directors.

The Magnusson team also assists in supporting the existing compliance function for those companies that have set up an internal function. Support consists mainly of regular meetings with representatives of the company, assistance in compliance controls, targeted training and simulated investigations on site. Also this service is designed according to each company's operations and needs.

As a complement to the above mentioned services, we can also take on the role of the company’s complaints manager as well as the central function responsible for money laundering issues, and to assist as needed with simulated investigations on site or specialized education.



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