Magnusson Lietuva komanda įvertinta ginčų sprendimo srityje

Magnusson Lietuva Ginčų sprendimo praktikos grupė tarptautinio žinyno Chambers Europe 2021 m. įvertinti tarp stipriausių Lietuvoje (Band 4 grupėje).

Žinyno pateikiama informacija:

Magnusson Lithuania / Dispute resolution team / Band 4:

What the team is known for / Assists with public procurement, contractual and damage claim disputes. Also has experience within the banking sector. With offices in Vilnius and Kaunas, the team regularly acts for clients in the Kaunas region and beyond. Noted for its experience assisting individuals, businesses, municipalities and public authorities. Advises mid-sized clients from a broad range of sectors, including many regional companies. Active in tax disputes.

Strengths / Clients say that „when the lawyers evaluate their client’s situation, they not only come up with formal legal solutions or proposals, but also think about how the client’s decisions based on those proposals will affect their business.”

Work highlights / Represented StalCorp in a dispute against the procuring entity Plačiajuostis Internetas regarding unclear conditions of three parallel tenders for the construction of the infrastructure for the supply of broadband in Lithuania.

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