Magnusson is a truly XXI century law firm embracing the rapid change in the world around us and the necessarily new and evolving regulation that comes with it. For a business to thrive, it needs not only to comply with the existing rules but also understand where unregulated territory starts and be able to assess the risks that come with entering there. Magnusson team knows the law, and at the same time sees the trends, understands the technology and thinks internationally.

We focus on:

  • E-commerce and IT contracts;
  • IP strategy and IP protection;
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;
  • Fintech;
  • Biotech and Medtech;
  • Agritech;
  • Robotics and Internet of Things;
  • Media and Telecoms;
  • Blockchain and digital assets;
  • Licencing and compliance;
  • Information security and risk assessment, data mapping;
  • International data transfer management;
  • Data protection, privacy and security;
  • ICT litigation.

The core of our approach is building a close, strong relationship with the client that transcends the boundaries of a specific case and involves a deep knowledge of your business, personality and values. Our client base ranges from start-ups to fast growing, mid-market businesses and well-established multinationals. We work with companies that develop or create technology, are enabled by technology, or whose business model is fundamentally based on technology.