Magnusson Copenhagen keeps busy on M&A deals during Covid19 period and advises on the sale of Lundberg Tech A/S to Röko AB

A team from Magnusson Denmark, led by Co-Head of Corporate M&A Nikolaj Juhl Hansen, has advised the owners of Lundberg Tech A/S on the sale of an 85 per cent interest in the company to Swedish investment firm Röko AB. The management team of Lundberg Tech A/S stays on in the new ownership and retains 15 per cent ownership.

Magnusson is the long-standing legal counsel to Lundberg Tech A/S and has advised the company for a decade, including in relation to its international expansion.

Magnusson Copenhagen advised on all aspects of the deal, including the transaction documents and the W&I insurance process, which was brokered by Contea. Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen advised Röko AB.

Nikolaj Juhl Hansen says: “Corporate transactions have kept us busy, also during the recent Covid19 months, and I am very happy that we have now also seen the sale of Lundberg Tech complete. It is truly a great company, which it has been a privilege to advise.”

The closing of the sale of Lundberg Tech follows on from Magnusson Copenhagen advising during recent months a number of significant deals, including Conning’s acquisition of a majority interest in Global Evolution, French PE/VC fund FPCI Black Fin Tech 1 on its investment into Danish fintech outfit Likvido, Nordic Harvest on its DKK 62 million fund raise to build Europe’s biggest vertical farm, and Koncron Holding’s acquisition of the wireless chip producer company, Polaric Semiconductor, in the technology sector.

Co-Head of Corporate M&A Sam Jalaei who advised Koncron and FPCI Black Fin Tech 1 says: “We have not experienced a drop in business volume during recent months, rather quite the opposite, and the advice to the owners of Lundberg Tech A/S on the deal with Röko AB as well as the other deals we have done in recent months are great examples of the type of cross-border corporate transaction we are often called to advise on.”

Lundberg Tech is a global profitable niche company with 80 MDKK in consolidated revenues in 2019. Röko now owns 85 % of Lundberg Tech and the management, who are all continuing under the new ownership, owns 15 %. Lundberg Tech is headquartered close to Copenhagen in Lille Skensved and has 40 employees in 5 countries. For more:

Röko AB is a Swedish based investment firm with €270 million in committed capital. Röko’s ambition is to be a true long term owner of European small- and medium sized business. Röko has local presence in Sweden, Norway and Germany, and the team has more than 80+ years of combined experience from working with founder and entrepreneurial led companies across a broad range of industries. For more: